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Pocket for Safari and Chrome updated with tag autocomplete and more

Pocket, the handy app that lets you "pocket" articles from the web to read later on Mac or iOS, saw a noteworthy update to its companion plugins for Safari and Chrome today. Among the notable new features is the auto-completion of tags, along with the ability to save articles from Reddit, Twitter and other sites to Pocket with one click on inline badges added by the plugin.

In terms of fixes, the update addresses the following:

  • Improvements to the display of the Pocket save link on
  • In Google Reader, clicking the Pocket button now saves the selected article.
  • Better experience when saving pages while not logged in.
  • Scroll position no longer jumps to the top while typing tags in Safari.

You can get the Pocket app for iOS and Mac for free from the App Store and Mac App Store, respectively.

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