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3DS eShop games going on sale including Bit.Trip Saga today


A sale on the 3DS eShop will discount one game a week in North America, starting today with the wonderful Bit.Trip Saga. At $10 for all six Bit.Trip games, that's an insane deal.

All the games in the deal are worthwhile, actually, including Crashmo next week for $6, Fractured Soul on the 28th for $8, Sakura Samurai on March 7 for $4, Ketzal's Corridors on the 14th for $5, and Mutant Mudds for $6 on March 21.

This promotion's going on in Europe too, knocking the 3DS games down to £19.99/€29.99 each week. First in line for discounting over there is the re-release of Ocarina of Time, which stays on sale until March 21.

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