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Kickstarter launches iPhone app


Back in the old days (before today), people had to launch a web browser to check out the latest crowd-funded projects being touted on Kickstarter. All of that changed today, as the company has released its free Kickstarter iPhone app.

The app pretty much lets users do what they can do from a web browser -- discover and fund projects -- but with a much better mobile UI. Now you can easily find that awesome comic project you heard about and add your monetary backing to the pool of funds, all from the screen of your iPhone while you're riding the subway.

For project creators, the app is going to be a godsend since it enables them to check the progress of the project and post updates from literally anywhere. The only negative I can see to this app is that it's going to make it much more difficult for me to hold onto my wallet when I see an innovative project that catches my attention.

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