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Super Joystiq Podcast 039 Live: Aliens Colonial Marines, Kentucky Route Zero [Watch the recap!]


Update: The live show is over. Watch the replay above!

This whole "live Joystiq podcast" thing is really a ruse so we don't have to spend Valentine's Day alone this year. Looks like the jig is up, but don't be mad, baby. We have plenty of legitimate (and not-so-legitimate) games to talk about.

Today we'll dissect what went wrong with Aliens: Colonial Marines, and if we have time after that extensive list, we'll talk about artistic IGF finalist Kentucky Route Zero and other games on our radar. It's a love-hate kind of live show.

It's the final day to throw in your bid for the Razer Sabertooth controller we're giving away. If you're interested in winning this thing, subscribe to the Joystiq YouTube channel and send us a message with your name and email address. We'll pick one, lucky person at random. Oddly enough, that's also how we pick our significant others. It's a pretty solid system.

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