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Buy both Monster Hunter 3 Ultimates, get $20 off

Jordan Mallory

Purchasing both the Wii U and 3DS versions of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate would normally set the devoted huntsman back a smooth hundred zingers, but Capcom has announced that purchasing both together through Amazon will result in a $20 discount. Or, in outdated gold-rush vernacular, two sawbucks, which is enough for a new sifting pan and some chew from the General Store.

Both versions of the game must be purchased during the same Amazon transaction for the $20 discount to be applied, so anyone that has already pre-ordered either version of the game needs to first cancel their existing pre-order for everything to work properly.

As we first learned when the North American versions of this game were announced back in September, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is capable of sharing save files between the Wii U and 3DS, allowing for continuous progression across both platforms. Additionally, the 3DS version can be locally linked with the Wii U version for couch multiplayer fun times.

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