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Google Maps goes inside an NFL stadium for first time, takes fans on a virtual tour of the Colts' home


The Indianapolis Colts obviously didn't have the best of luck while playing the eventual Super Bowl XLVII champions in the playoffs this past season, but something tells us a little 360-degree imagery might help turn those frowns upside down -- and that's for both local and long-distance fanatics. Starting today, Colts devotees (or any other curious folk, really) can virtually experience what Lucas Oil Stadium is all about thanks to Google Maps, making this the first time ever the Mountain View search firm has taken its hefty visual resources inside an NFL arena. As part of the virtual stroll, observers can experience a tour of the Colts' locker room premises, a tunnel that was once graced with Peyton Manning's presence and plenty of other areas around the stadium -- such as the Quarterback, Field Level and Loge-Level suites. It's very likely that Google will soon start taking its Maps team into stadiums you're, perhaps, more fond of -- until then, however, you may just want to peruse the gallery past the break to get a better view of the Colts' stomping grounds.

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