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Injustice: Gods Among Us' alternative costumes for Harley Quinn, Bane

Jordan Mallory

A small care package of delightfully intriguing Injustice: Gods Among Us artwork has been delivered to the fighting-focused folks over at Shoryuken, containing both concept art and a look at what are presumably the first of many alternate costumes for Harley Quinn and Bane.

Harley's new digs, as seen above, are much closer to her previous iterations than her default Injustice costume, with the most appropriate comparison being to her appearance in Batman: Arkham City. The big difference here, besides the return to a biker aesthetic, is the fact that her hair has been changed to its correct original blonde, rather than the New 52-inspired red/green default.

Meanwhile, Bane's alternative look is much more techno than his primary appearance, with a mask that says "grim reaper" more than "luchador" and a green chest repository of Venom somewhat reminiscent of Soul Calibur's Astaroth. Hit the source link below for the full gallery of screenshots and concept art for both characters.

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