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Basement Collection retail edition bundles in Indie Game: The Movie, out March 8


Team Meat's beardier half and Super Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen is bringing out a retail version of his gaming anthology, The Basement Collection, which Merge Games is releasing on March 8. The retail bundle includes a copy of the excellent Indie Game: The Movie, which chronicled Team Meat's journey to bring Super Meat Boy to XBLA.

The bundle also includes a DRM-free disc with PC, Mac, and Linux versions of The Basement Collection, a Steam code for an additional version of it, a 36-page booklet of McMillen's 'The Box' art (as featured in Indie Game: The Movie), full soundtracks for each of TBC's games, and a sure-to-get-you-noticed sticker of Steven from Time Fcuk. As for TBC, the games in it are Aether, Time Fcuk, Spewer, Meat Boy, Grey Matter, Coil, and Triachnid.

The retail edition is priced at $19.99, although Merge Games is offering a variety of pre-order offers to knock assorted percentages off that.

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