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Boulder Apple Store burglarized

The Boulder, Colo., Apple Store at 1755 29th Street was broken into around 2 AM Saturday morning, February 16th. According to reports, three large rocks were thrown through the Apple Store's glass door and found inside the store lying on the floor. The door itself was worth $100,000 and the burglar made off with an additional $63,000 worth of Apple products including laptops, iPads and iPhones.

This particular Apple Store is located in the Twenty Ninth Street mall and had been closed for almost five hours before the burglary occurred. Mall security said they did not see anything unusual in the hours immediately proceeding the burglary. However mall security cameras did record what could have been the burglar. On security tapes a man is shown wearing a black hoodie, white gloves and a black baseball cap.

Anyone with information of the burglary can call Boulder police on 303-441-3333.

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