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Breakfast Topic: Where WoW leaks into life


WoW leaks into life in the little moments. A sigh and a joke about tanking an unruly coworker. The moments before the end-of-day bell rings and you rush out the door to make it for raid. Or, perhaps, that uncomfortable moment your baby prepares to do battle with a plush murloc.

That's why WoW is more than just a game to many of us. I wouldn't go so far to say it's a lifestyle, but my adventures in Azeroth certainly qualify as a hobby. It won't be long before some of us can honestly say, "I've been playing for a decade." A decade, man.

So I have habits rooted in Azeroth. When chatting with coworkers, I'll type in truncated WoW chat. I'll say things like "LFM for this meeting," or I might slip in a joke about "Your pathetic Excel will betray you." Not often, but just occasionally enough that I notice it.

What about you? Where do you find the hobby bleeding into your life? Wince-worth or just a giggle, I'm eager to hear your stories.

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