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Final Fantasy X remaster resurfaces, announcement coming 'soon'


Square Enix's hi-def remastering of Final Fantasy X made a surprise appearance during Sony's Vita-focused broadcast. After its announcement nearly 18 months ago, we've heard very little about the spruced-up re-release, which is coming to both PS3 and Vita. However, in this morning's broadcast series producer Shinji Hashimoto assured fans the game is still in development, and that an announcement of further details in coming "soon."

The broadcast offered some very brief first footage of the remaster, which only showcased characters Tidus, Yuna, and two of the aeons, all in their in-battle animations. As if to prove it all wasn't an elaborate ruse, Hashimoto then held up a Vita with the game running on it (see below the break), which you can see for yourself by watching a replay of the Sony broadcast here (head to the 32m30s mark for the FFX footage).

Final Fantasy X HD resurfaces, announcement coming 'soon'

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