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Dead Space 3 for $40, more deals in today's Amazon gaming Gold Box


Sometimes Amazon is left home alone with too much J-U-I-C-E, gets a bit too excited, and chucks around a whole bunch of quick-fire gaming deals throughout the day. Today is just such a day, and if you head over to the Gold Box page you can see all those deals just waiting to be hurled into your discount-loving arms.

One deal is ongoing through the day: Dead Space 3 for $39.99, a touch cheaper than other recent offers. As for the Lightning deals, discount sleuth GamerDeals reckons they'll see StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty swoop to $17.99, Battlefield 3 Premium bomb to $39.99 (confirmed), and the Professional Edition of Hitman: Absolution taken down to $35.99.

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