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Defiance teases players with a video for Ark Hunter Chronicles

Eliot Lefebvre

Defiance is certainly giving potential players lots of videos to watch. That's not entirely surprising considering the game's whole cross-media synergy angle, but it's exciting for anyone who prefers a moving picture to straight text. The latest video from Trion Worlds is showing off a teaser for Ark Hunter Chronicles, which are promised to be coming soon. What's not promised just yet is a reveal of what to expect beyond the title.

What are Ark Hunter Chronicles? Some sort of chronicle related to ark hunters, probably. That's pretty straightforward. But are they preview episodes of the upcoming show? Preview videos for the game? Trading cards that tell a story? Commemorative plates? We don't know, as the video doesn't say, although the plate thing seems a little bit unlikely. All we know is that they're coming soon, and you can watch a teaser trailer for them just after the break. Eagle-eyed viewers may spot something extra toward the end, as well...

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