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Halo 4's 'Majestic' map pack arrives Feb. 25


Halo 4 is laying down the red carpet to provide its Majestic DLC with a royal entrance when it arrives next week on February 25. Like Crimson before it, Majestic brings three new maps to 343 Industries' shooter, each one a small-scale affair. There's the metropolitan wreckage of Landfall, the arena-like Monolith, and the rooftop mayhem of Skyline.

Majestic comes with two new playlists too, one a free-for-all for eight players and the other a 4v4 team-based line-up. Also, the new free-for-all Infinity Rumble game type is a timed-exclusive for owners of the DLC. Infinity Rumble is all about earning and using personal ordinance, this doled out for killing stylishly and special medals.

The DLC is priced at 800 MSP, and is free to those with the War Games pass. The third map pack DLC, Castle, is coming sometime in April. Given the accuracy so far of this leaked ad from last year, our gut is telling us it's coming April 1. But our gut is also very hungry.

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