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Halo co-creator's iOS game Morning Star getting a tie-in comic app

Morning Star, the upcoming iOS first-person shooter from Industrial Toys and Halo co-creator Alex Seropian, will be getting the comic book tie-in treatment in the form of an interactive graphic novel designed for Apple's mobile devices. Called Morning Star Alpha, the comic is being penned by Redshirts author John Scalzi with art by Mike Choi, who's known for his work on the likes of Witchblade, X-Force and Green Lantern.

The plot of Morning Star Alpha will tie directly into the game -- and on some pretty deep, interactive levels at that. Readers will be able to make choices while reading the comic, which will then affect the game. In-game discoveries will, in turn, make new elements of the comic available for reading in order to provide more context to the on-screen action.

There's no release date set for Morning Star -- which will also feature a score by System of a Down's Serj Tankin -- or the Morning Star Alpha tie-in, but we'll have more on both as Seropian and company reveal it.

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