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MechWarrior opens up a big map and a medium 'Mech

Eliot Lefebvre

In the destructive world of MechWarrior Online, every 'Mech has its niche. Some machines thrive on maps with tight corridors and small boundaries, allowing them to get up close and personal. Others live on the ability to reach out and touch their targets at extreme ranges, preferably with missiles. It's the latter type that will enjoy the game's newest map, Alpine Peaks, which is the largest map yet added to the game. As the zone is filled with snowy vistas and sniping points, close-range machines will fare poorly here, but anything with good ranged capacity will find a lot to love.

Not coincidentally, the most recent update also adds a new 'Mech for pilots, the Trebuchet. Available in five variants, this 50-ton machine features twin LRM-15s in all but one variant, allowing players to pack quite a punch at range. It's the perfect sort of 'Mech for tromping around in a snowy environment and spreading damage over a large range, so we can imagine it'll see some use on the new map.

[Source: Piranha Games press release]

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