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Metareview: Metal Gear Rising - Revengeance


By now you've probably read Liquid Ludwig's review of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, in which he doled out four stars to the tight gameplay and equally tight suits of Platinum's slice-and-dicer. While we appreciate Luddy's fondness for the game, the very thought of "seriously sexed up Fruit Ninja fan-fiction" is, frankly, more than a bit scary to us. Then again, sometimes love should be... terrifying.

Moving on from fan-fiction concerns, other reviewers also had their say on Rising's unusual brand of Metal Gear. Here's a brief slice of their thoughts:
  • Polygon (90/100): "Platinum Games has done something incredibly rare: honoring a beloved series while successfully broadening its reach into a whole new genre."
  • Eurogamer (90/100): "If Revengeance didn't have camera issues this would be the easiest 10 I've ever given. As things stand it's still brilliant, staking out new territory in the genre and adapting certain Metal Gear characteristics so well that it makes the competition look outrageously bad. This is simply the ultimate one-man show, worth its ticket price many times over, an experience that improves exponentially as it gets faster and as you get better."
  • Giant Bomb (80/100): "A thrilling and engaging experience. The swordplay is fun, and it's really fascinating to see the different spots where either Kojima's or Platinum's signature styles shine through. It also has a wild final confrontation that shows elements of both."
  • Game Informer (78/100): "If you have any hopes for this story building on Metal Gear lore or giving you a chance to reconnect with characters you care about, you will be disappointed. The new characters are uninteresting and poorly developed, and the old characters are practically non-existent."
  • OPM: (70/100): "Sadly, the combat doesn't have enough depth to trouble the genre's best (it certainly can't touch Ninja Theory's DmC reboot), and there's a disappointing disposability about the whole experience. This is a project that has been rightfully and respectably salvaged, but one that can't quite cut it at the top.

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