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Resident Evil 6 multiplayer DLC now on PS3, Mercenaries map bundle in March


PlayStation 3 players can get their hands on Resident Evil 6's multiplayer DLC modes, which have been available on Xbox 360 since December. 'Predator' tasks one player with being the Ustanak, a giant bioweapon, while other players band together to take it down. 'Survivor' can be played in solo or with a team, with downed players resurrected as zombies to hunt human prey. Finally, 'Onslaught' pits two players against each other as they battle waves of enemies, each kill chain sending that many more enemies to the other player's area. Each mode is priced at $3.99 on PSN.

On top of the DLC modes, Capcom has also dated a collection of all released Mercenaries maps, including maps that were previously exclusive to pre-order customers. This one-stop Mercenaries map pack bundles together Rail Yard, Catacombs, High Seas Fortress, all available now for 80 MSP ($1) each, plus Stage Map Pack A (160 MSP/$2) and Map Pack B (160 MSP/$2). This collection will be available on Xbox Live worldwide and PSN in North America on March 5; European PS3 owners can snag the pack on March 6.

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