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TweetDeck for the web and Chrome updated with column filters, gives users the right to censor


Twitter's acquisition of TweetDeck definitely ruffled some feathers, but unlike other purchases made by the social network, there appears to be a future for this once-celebrated application. Available today by way of a browser restart, the blue bird has rolled out a new set of filters for TweetDeck's web and Chrome apps that allow users to fine-tune what content their columns track. The new Showing option manages what your timeline displays, such as tweets with images, videos, links or any other type of media. The Matching and Excluding filters give the option to search for keywords in your feed that you wish to blacklist or single out. Rounding out this list of new features is the ability to enable or exclude retweets from your setup. Sure, seeing your words quoted a few times can be an ego boost, but a continuous echo can get annoying after a while.

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