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Diablo III, Destiny coming to PlayStation 4 [Updated]


Diablo III is slated to roar into the console market, Blizzard Senior VP Chris Metzen announced at the Sony PlayStation 4 event today in New York City. Metzen said that the action-RPG will be coming to both the PlayStation 3 and 4 and that the company is excited to show it off at PAX.

"Blizzard and Sony have entered into a strategic partnership, through which we will take over the world," Metzen said.

Bungie's recently unveiled Destiny will also be headed to the PS4. Bungie president Harold Ryan told the audience that the PS3 and PS4 editions will feature exclusive PlayStation-only content.

The PlayStation 4 is due out for the holiday 2013 season.

[Updated: Our sister site Joystiq reports that "Diablo 3 on PS4 and PS3 will feature all major PC updates." Joystiq's also nabbed a few of the very first screenies from the game on console.]

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