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Jonathan Blow reveals 'The Witness' coming to PS4


At the PlayStation 4 reveal event, Braid creator Jonathan Blow has announced that his upcoming puzzle title, The Witness, is coming to Sony's new platform.

Blow revealed that only Sony's new hardware will house the console version of The Witness during the game's "release window."

The developer described his new first-person puzzle title as "a game about epiphany, that instantaneous transition of the mind that takes you from confusion to understanding."

The Witness, said Blow, will have 25 hours of unique puzzles to play through, and the game's exclusivity will include the new console's "release window," so presumably the title's availability is open after that. Blow then showed off a quick video of the game, which looked about like what we've seen before, though perhaps with a few more bits of graphical flair thanks to the PS4's shiny new hardware.

[Ed. Note: We have edited this post for accuracy.]

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