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LG Optimus F7 and Optimus F5 get a pre-MWC outing in leaked images


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LG was all about the tease yesterday, with its mysterious, alphabetic MWC warm-up video. Today, the covers have potentially been unceremoniously whipped off from at least two of the forthcoming offerings. The ever fruitful evleaks comes up with the goods again, and claims that what you see are the Optimus F7 (left) and Optimus F5 (right). There's little to go on specification-wise, other than these are undoubtedly Android devices, with a design language not quite in keeping with the recently spotted Optimus G Pro behemoth. So, while you try to join the dots on what might be underneath those displays, we'll keep an eye out for any remaining L-series and V-for Vu "surprises."

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