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Sony is giving away free PSN credit to 'loyal' customers


Sony is sending $10 vouchers for free PlayStation Network credit to "loyal" customers of the service, although it's not clear what constitutes that loyalty exactly. Multiple PSN users from North America, both on Twitter and the NeoGAF forum, are reporting they received messages this morning with $10 credit enclosed. We've also received a tip confirming the credit being added to a user's PSN account. Meanwhile, some users are reporting they received $5 credit, and a Twitter search suggests that freebie was sent out last week.

The $10 credit message (see below the break) reads: "Thank you for being a loyal customer and fan of PlayStation Network. As a token of our appreciation, we've sent you $10.00 to spend on the PlayStation Store."

So far, the free credit is apparently restricted to North American customers, and there aren't any clear patterns as to who's entitled to it and why; we've reached out to Sony for more details. Sure, the timing suggests this is all about stirring up further buzz amongst the already fervent PlayStation Fourplay, but free stuff is pretty much always lovely.

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Sony is sending free PSN credit to 'loyal' customers

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