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Try Anything and Instant Broadcast announced for PlayStation 4


Dave Perry, co-founder and CEO of Gaikai took the stage during today's PlayStation 2013 event in New York City to announce the integration of Gaikai's tech into Sony's future PSN architecture. Part of the new feature set introduced will include the ability to find anything in the PlayStation Store, press the X button on the controller, and the game demo or media will immediately start playing. "Try it for free, share it if you like it, and pay only for the games which you fall in love with," Perry said.

The "instant broadcast" side of that equation allows players to broadcast and share gameplay videos using existing, connected social networks, such as Ustream and Facebook. Friends are able to post comments to your screen, which Perry described as "peering over your shoulder."

Gaikai technology will also power PS Vita remote play and the ability to stream past console games to the PS4 hardware.

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