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Estonia officially opens nationwide EV fast charging network


If certain reporters had lived in Estonia, how different things might be. The small European state has just cut the ribbon on its nationwide EV fast-charge network -- providing 165 charging stations no further that 60km apart. Implementing a national or state-wide network of charger locations is something either under way, or in place in locations from Australia to Indiana. The Estonian implementation is state-backed, has a unified payment system, and offers three tiers of service to customers, from a basic pay-and-go option to a €30 all-you-can-drive monthly electricity buffet. It's claimed that up to a 90 percent charge can be achieved in half an hour, with the range that achieves depending on your vehicle of choice. Estonia has 619 all-electric cars registered with the traffic office, and the network extends beyond the mainland, ensuring even those weekend road trips should be covered.

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