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Deus Ex: Human Revolution film 'not a rehashing' of game


Deus Ex: Human Revolution film scribe C. Robert Cargill and director Scott Derrickson claim they're taking care to present a believable cyberpunk setting in their upcoming film, based on the Eidos Montreal game.

"Yeah, the chief philosophy is we're not making a video game movie, we're making a cyberpunk movie," Deus Ex film co-writer C. Robert Cargill says in an interview with Crave Online. "We've taken a look at what's worked in video games and what hasn't, and really what we've broken down is what we think the audience really wants, [what] the audience that loves Deus Ex is going to want to see out of a Deus Ex movie. And it's not a rehashing of the game."

The duo, which think of Mortal Kombat as the best video game movie yet made, will borrow motifs from the game, rather than attempt to replicate specific events. "The thing about Deus Ex, the landscape is massive. I mean, it is a big, broad, sprawling game, and look, it's impossible to get the aesthetic of that game into a single movie," Derrickson says. "That's the nature of turning a video game into a movie, is keeping the elements that are iconic and important, [that] advance the game, but also recognizing that if that's all you do, you'll just make another bad video game movie."

According to Derrickson, there's a draft of the film already, and the process as a whole is "moving like a rocket."

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