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PS4 demo with Killzone: Shadow Fall on Jimmy Fallon


The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show got the first PS4 demo outside of the PlayStation event this morning, and it saw Killzone: Shadow Fall taking the limelight. Guerrilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst first showed off the DualShock 4 controller before taking Fallon and guest Anthony Anderson through a hands-on demo of Shadow Fall.

While the three-minute demo was essentially the same sequence showcased in the reveal trailer, a couple of interesting morsels did emerge. While talking about the greater range of possibilities with the PS4's boosted hardware, Hulst noted the demo's climbing segment as something Guerrilla wasn't "able to do with Killzone before." Secondly, we got a clearer look at Shadow Fall's slowdown mechanic in action, which Hulst called "Focus Mode."

Also, as much as we'd prefer to see useful footage of just-announced hardware, we did snigger at Anderson pointing the controller all over the shop like a man trying to hold on to a wriggly kitten. What good is a hands-on demo, Mr Anderson, if you're unable to play it?

Killzone: Shadow Fall is coming to the PS4 at launch, which is due Holiday 2013.

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