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Kentucky Route Zero finds a road to Steam, on sale through March 1


Kentucky Route Zero, the stylish indie hit from the good people of Cardboard Computer, is now on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux. To celebrate, the game is 10 percent off through March 1, $22.50 for all five episodes when they are unlocked; currently the first episode is available and very much worth it.

Those who purchased Kentucky Route Zero via the Humble Store can find a Steam key hanging out in their Humble download pages. The game is also on sale via the Humble Store through March 1, also for 10 percent off.

Kentucky Route Zero is nominated for four awards in the 2013 IGF, including a nod for the Seumas McNally grand prize. The game itself is an intense, oddly creepy interactive narrative, with a foundation in something Cardboard Computer calls "magical realist adventure." Plus, it's really pretty.

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