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Killzone: Shadow Fall trailer analyzed by Digital Foundry


Digital Foundry's critical eye for tech has placed its gaze upon the presentation for Killzone: Shadow Fall from last week's PlayStation 4 reveal. It was a curiously bold choice that Sony tied together its new hardware with Killzone again, since the E3 2005 presentation of Killzone 2 was a tech generation off from hitting what was shown at the time.

"All material we have available suggests that the new PS4 Killzone runs at a rock-solid 30 frames per second at 1080p full HD resolution," notes Digital Foundry. It notes all the Killzone material it has from the presentation is limited to 30FPS, but there's nothing stopping devs from going higher, it's just not what was presented.

They continue, "Based on specs alone, the PS4 clearly has far more to offer than what we're seeing, and it's worth remembering that Guerrilla would have developed a large chunk of Shadow Fall on incomplete hardware."

Check out the full analysis at Eurogamer.

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