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LotRO's Update 10 converts your Seals to Medallions

Lord of the Rings Online's Update 10 is bringing in some shiny new content, and with that shiny new content comes the problem of currency and reward. LotRO uses a unified currency system of Marks, Medallions, and Seals. In order to make sure that players aren't immediately able to purchase new gear solely on the merits of all the hours they've dumped into the game previously, the LotRO devs have decided to convert players' top-tier tokens to slightly-less-than-top-tier tokens.

When Update 10 hits, each Seal a character has will be converted into 20 Medallions. Items that could be bartered for with Seals previously will have a Medallion cost or barter option added to make up for the conversion. Players will be able to run level 85 content to replenish their stock of Seals, which can then be used to purchase some of the shiny new content rewards.

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