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Metal Gear Rising DLC includes robot dog missions, Solid Snake as a sword


Metal Gear Rising Revengeance was already pretty crazy, being a sci-fi character action game about a cyborg cutting people up into pieces, based on a military stealth game. New DLC announced by developer Platinum Games brings the insanity into uncomfortable new levels.

For example, "VR19: Unarmed Combat Training" contains side-scrolling, unarmed brawling gameplay. That's part of 30 new VR missions, including one set in a dark room. These are the PS3-exclusive missions we'll be getting in North America.

"Soul of the Snake" is a special wooden sword ... that speaks in Solid Snake's voice when used. "Passionate feelings are alive and well for the cardboard," according to the Google Translation of Platinum's post. We'd translate it more naturally, but that's too wonderful to change.

The second announced DLC puts you in the shoes of enemy cyborg, and sneering jerk, Jetstream Sam. And the third DLC lets you play as LQ-84i ... the robot dog. Platinum didn't offer a timeframe for these, except for the DLC missions due in Japan in April, and noted that all the images were of content currently under development. All we know is that Platinum won't be accused of saving cut content from the main game for DLC, since we don't know where that "and now you're the Blood Wolf" chapter would have fit in.

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