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Patch 5.2 PTR: Final phase available for testing


Currently open on the 5.2 PTR is what will be the patch's final phase, including the single player scenario described in Crithto's "Day on the Isle of Thunder" and the new world boss Nalak. The ever-diligent Perculia over at Wowhead has the complete write-up for both Nalak and the other world boss Oondasta, including blue post commentary, their dungeon journal entries, and known loot tables.

Also included is some particularly interesting spoiler information regarding the storyline for 5.2. Check out the spoilers after the break.

Nalak must be defeated in order to access the single-player scenario boss, Shan Bu. After Shan Bu falls, Perculia describes a particularly interesting scene as taking place:

You don't have much time to rest though because the Alliance and the Horde are about to wage a war in the courtyard. While both sides have good reasons to fight, Taran-Zhu forcefully puts an end to the conflict. Both sides reconsider, draw a tentative peace, and focus on the common goal of saving their energy to take down Garrosh.
It would seem that this is the patch in which the secret alliance between Horde dissenters and the Alliance itself is formed--at least tentatively. That would seem to imply that beginning with patch 5.3 we'll start to see this plot taking shape, and doubtlessly we players will have some major roles to play in its execution. I'm not going to lie, everyone, I'm totally stoked for this!

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