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PSA: Mass Effect 3 Reckoning DLC out today, here's what it entails


Mass Effect 3's Reckoning multiplayer DLC pack is live today, bringing six new characters, seven new weapons, two weapons mods and four fresh accessories, all for free.

BioWare showed off Reckoning in a livestream yesterday and a NeoGAF user collected the details: The new characters are a Geth Juggernaut, a female biotic Turian, an Alliance Infiltration Unit, Krogan Warlord Sentinel, a human mercenary with a tech bow and a Collector Adept. Weapons include a venom shotgun, a high-powered Blood Pack Executioner Pistol and a Blood Pack Punisher SMG, and the mods are pistol and SMG power amplifiers.

Reckoning is the final Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC pack. Citadel, the final round of singleplayer DLC, hits on March 5 ($15/1200 MSP) and will give players the "opportunity to reconnect with some of their favorite characters from all three of the Mass Effect games."

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