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The War Z returns from the dead on Steam


Back in December, The War Z was pulled from Steam amidst allegations of false advertising and inaccuracies on the game's Steam page – well, these were less allegations and more total lies right there on the page for everyone to see. After a few months of downtime, developer Hammerpoint Interactive's The War Z has returned to Steam.

On top of the corrected Steam page for The War Z, there's also a new update available today for existing owners that brings the game up to release-quality status. If you wanted to get in on Valve's apology (see: refund) for selling the game prematurely, that window has now closed.

The War Z can be purchased through Steam for $15 on its own right now – or in two more expensive bundles that each toss in varying levels of in-game currency, for $25 and $50.

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