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Gears of War: Judgment's Execution mode, Haven map free after launch


Gears of War: Judgment gets two pieces of free, downloadable content a few weeks after the game launches on March 19: The Haven multiplayer map and Execution mode, both scheduled to hit Xbox Live on April 2.

Haven is a frozen, ancient monastery in the Azura mountains, featuring an asymmetrical, circular layout with all paths leading to the center. Lead level designer Jim Brown says "nowhere is really safe" in Haven. "It makes for especially hectic Domination games because the rings are easy to access and difficult to defend."

Execution mode has players attempt to kill every member of the opposing team before time runs out, though unless hit with a one-shot-kill weapon (see: Booshka) or a follow-up execution move, enemies will enter a "Down But Not Out" state, where they will revive after a period of time. Gotta get that doubletap.

Oh, and both of these pieces of DLC are sponsored by Maxim, for some reason.

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