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Murder by numbers: A closer look at Pathfinder Online's combat mathematics

If you like granular detail on still-in-progress systems for a game that hasn't been released yet, boy are you in luck! A new dev post from the Goblinworks team turns a microscope on the hows and whys of combat in Pathfinder Online. This is obviously an important thing, as Pathfinder itself has a well-established combat system that's awesome for pen-and-paper gameplay but probably significantly less awesome for online combat. The system is being modified so that there will be fewer chances for epic failures and so that epic successes won't completely imbalance the game.

Combat is being built to make even small numerical differences important (it'll be way cooler to have +10 against Immobilize than nothing), to emphasize the importance of different weapon types, and to keep luck from being a more important factor than player skill. Read the whole blog post for the nitty-gritties of how the numbers work out.

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