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Defiance shows off the 99er faction

Eliot Lefebvre

Defiance's latest video teaser is showing off another villain group. The 99ers, despite their name, do not lure you into their lair with the promise of free popcorn and a markedly robust gluten-free menu; instead, they're crazed former miners who have augmented themselves with extensive cybernetic hardware. And continue mining. That part seems a little bit odd, since they're not willing to interact with others or sell off all the ore they're mining, but we'll go with it.

99ers are known to be extremely territorial and have physical abilities far beyond that of human beings. Players are advised to be on the lookout for unprovoked attacks by the miners, who control most of the valuable resources within their region of operation. Players should aim for exposed and unaugmented heads or visible fuel sources during a combat encounter. Or they can just shoot the crazy cyborgs until they fall apart; that would probably work as well.

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