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DEVONThink 2.5 brings database sync out of beta and more


DEVONThink, the productivity app for Mac that stores all your documents, PDFs, bookmarks and information in one easy-to-find place, has been updated to version 2.5.

According to the Devonian Times, the update now officially supports database synchronization between "multiple computers and locations either directly or via Dropbox, WebDAV, file servers or just any mountable disk." The update also allows you to share databases with PC and Linux users through a web browser.

Other notable features include smarter scanning of a stack of papers in a time-saving manner (first odd and then even, saving you from feeding each page individually), improved tagging and more standard editing tools. There's also a whole load of interface tweaks, too.

Further details can be found at Devon Technologies Devonian Times. The update is recommended for all DEVONThink users.

DEVONThink is available through the Mac App Store (US$49.99) or directly from Devon Technologies.

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