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Judge who accused Apple of 'lack of integrity' joins Samsung's legal team (update)

Sharif Sakr

As famous judges go, Sir Robin Jacob doesn't quite rank up there with some others we can think of (like that handsome fella on the left). But he is well known in legal circles, thanks largely to an important judgement he made against Apple last year. Sir Robin was among three British judges who forced Apple to apologize for accusing Samsung of stealing tablet designs, and he was especially heavily quoted in the press after he highlighted a "lack of integrity" in the way Apple had presented its case. Fast forward to now, however, and Sir Robin is in the limelight for a very different reason. He's quit the role of impartial arbiter in order to become an "expert" who is "working on behalf of" Samsung in a separate dispute with the ITC. We're certainly not accusing the guy of any wrongdoing, but it's interesting that the system allows people to switch between roles just like that. Lawyers, eh?

Update: Here's a word on the matter from Samsung:

"Sir Robin Jacob is not a legal representative of Samsung Electronics. A highly reputed intellectual property expert and academic, Sir Robin has been contracted as an expert by a law firm that represents Samsung Electronics in its case against Ericsson."

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