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Surgeon Simulator 2013 passes through Steam's Greenlight program, shouldn't have passed med school (video)


One of ten new additions to come from Valve's Greenlight community platform, Surgeon Simulator 2013 was crafted in a mere 48 hours at Global Game Jam and puts you in the role of a clumsy surgeon, responsible for a patient who's unlikely to last the night. You should consult the video after the break to get an idea of the level of incompetence here, but let's just say your efforts are measured by Blood Level. You'll get access to scalpels, hammers and bone saws as you perform heart surgery and brain transplants -- in short, it's going to get messy. Other new additions include Anodyne, Distance, Receiver, and Huntsman: The Orphanage and all of 'em can be downloaded from Steam starting today.

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