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Beyond: Two Souls out Oct. 8, and Willem Dafoe's in it


Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream's PS3 game about a superpowered Ellen Page, will be out October 8, Sony announced today. Joining the stable of actors to have their faces Uncanny Valleyed into the game is Willem Dafoe, who will play scientist Nathan Dawkins.

Dawkins works with Page's character Jodie, studying her strange supernatural abilities for the government. While details of his role in the story have yet to be fully revealed – like whether his interests lie in helping Jodie or in capturing her – we'd venture to guess that Willem is da bad guy.

Quantic Dream also revealed that GameStop (or EB Canada) pre-orders will get an extra "30-minute playable scene DLC, continuing the model that worked out so well for Heavy Rain. And all pre-orders, "while supplies last," will be upgraded to the "Special Edition" in a steelbook, with a soundtrack, extra video content, a dynamic theme, and avatars.

Update: What's really interesting about Dafoe's presence in this game is that David Cage led us to believe Dafoe would not be in the game. Now that's acting.

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