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Breakfast Topic: Do you miss the game when you're away?


It's funny, when I picked up WoW back in 2004 I didn't expect to like it much. I started playing because a few of my friends had asked me to play, and the Warcraft franchise already had a place in my heart. Here I am, some eight years later still playing -- and enjoying it. But I guess that might not be giving the game the credit it deserves. I love playing it. See, after so many memories and friendships made, it feels like a little part of my life.

We've had our ups and downs, WoW, but I'm always drawn back.

I've been out of town for about two weeks to visit family, and can't play. Although I'm busy, reading WoW tweets and Skype messages from my co-tank makes me miss the game a bit. I've tried to play, of course, but the computer up here makes it look like 8-bit WoW. So much for tanking progression content. Sorry, guild! They've been pressing on without me, and I can't help but miss raiding with them. I don't really miss grinding dailies, but I don't want to think of how far behind I am in collecting Lesser Charms of Good Fortune for patch 5.2.

So what about you? When away from the game, do you miss it? What do you look forward to coming back to after a break from the game?

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