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League of Legends out now on Mac in open beta ... finally


League of Legends has finally released that Mac open beta that we heard was coming just a little while ago. Back in 2010, Riot Games had a ported Mac version all ready to go, but eventually determined that it just wasn't good enough, and not compatible with, the way they wanted to run their game. That led to a shutdown on development, but the company secretly restarted work on a native client, and it's now out and ready for download for everyone.

League of Legends is currently the biggest game in the world -- it's a "multiplayer online battle arena" title based on the old Defense of the Ancients mod, where teams of five players battle each other from a top-down perspective. If you're a fan, you've probably already gone to download the Mac version, and if not, it's completely and totally free to play, so you should definitely check it out for yourself. Oh, and watch the announcement video -- it's funny.

The Mac version is fully cross-platform, so all of the champions, skins (including the new "iBlitzcrank"), and so on are all available right away on the Mac. It's still in open beta, so there may still be some issues, but those should be fixed soon. At long last, we've finally got a full version of League of Legends, all ready to play on the Mac!

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