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Latest Injustice showdowns: Superman vs. Sinestro, Hawkgirl vs. Green Arrow

Jordan Mallory

It's time once again for NetherRealm Studios' weekly infusion of Injustice: Gods Among Us fight tapes, this time featuring all-American legend Superman, creepy Craigslist birthday party magician Sinestro, reincarnation poster child Hawkgirl and facial hair enthusiast Green Arrow.

The most important part of either of these videos isn't the fact that Green Arrow has some decidedly Sub-Zero moves going on, or that Sinestro's slender torso makes us uncomfortable, but rather that the Clash system is still in place. First seen at E3 last year, the Clash system was in danger of being scrapped altogether last August, though it seems NetherRealm was able to make the system work.

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