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Breakfast Topic: Does voice acting add to or subtract from your immersion?


Are you a fan of voice acting in World of Warcraft? I'm not talking about boss fights. We've all giggled when familiar lines have crossed over to become memes -- "You are not prepared!" -- or bobbed our heads to the boss's beat in one of Mr. Voletron's catchy tunes. No, I'm talking about the moments when Azeroth's residents speak in character amidst the action of the game.

How could Lorewalker Cho's pointed poetry in The Thunder King trailer above not set your imagination tingling? I thought it lent great atmosphere and context to the patch trailer -- but leave it there, please, in the trailer. Woe to the character who breaks my immersion by speaking out unexpectedly in game. For me, gaming is like reading; when I'm deep inside either, I don't want to be jarred back to self-awareness by sudden speech, even with the voices of the characters themselves.

What do you think about voice acting within the game -- rich addition, or annoying contrivance? Would you like to see more or less spoken dialog in World of Warcraft?

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