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Steam Daily Deal: Sid Meier's Civilization franchise downsized 75%


Sunday is a great day to explore and conquer new lands, whether across the Mediterranean, throughout Asia, or around the fresh vegetable aisle of your local supermarket. Steam is here to help with this quest, offering Sid Meier's Civilization 3, 4 and 5 for 75 percent off.

Civilization 3 Complete is $1.25 today, Civilization 4 is $5 and 4: The Complete Edition is $7.50. The Civilization 5: Gold Edition bundle is $12.50 and includes the game, the Gods and Kings DLC pack, five scenario packs, four Cradle of Civilization packs, the Explorer map pack and the Babylon DLC pack. Each bit of content is 75 percent off on its lonesome, if you simply need to bulk out your Civilization library.

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