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Future Aion dungeons revealed

MJ Guthrie

If you'd rather not hear any more news about Aion 4.0 until it includes a release date, we've got good news! No, it isn't the release date. Instead, we've got details about content coming in the patch after the 4.0 update, namely five new dungeons.

Some of these instances sport unique new features or twists on old ones. Ophidan Bridge is a timed-group instance where Daevas must simultaneously occupy all key points. In Danuar Shelter, groups must split up and take three different paths to the final boss, one of which involves jumping. On a more familiar note, Sauro Logistic Base allows players to choose the difficulty of the final boss (which must be killed within six-and-a-half minutes) and Impenetrable Bastion is a once-a-week 24-man raid instance where loot depends on the final rank the alliance achieves. The final instance, Kamar Battlefield, is a 12v12 battle between two teams on an upgraded Dredgion.

Although NCsoft notes that names and details are subject to change through updates and localization, Daevas can look forward to venturing into these instances after the dust of 4.0 settles.

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