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LG outs Quick Cover case for the Optimus G Pro

Alexis Santos

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LG's just pulled back the curtains on Quick Cover: a magnet-infused case for the Optimus G Pro. Thanks to a Smart Cover-like design, the jacket turns the smartphone's screen on when its front flap is lifted, and off when it's shut. The sleeves come in black, blue, lime green, pink and white hues reminiscent of Samsung's own flip covers, and are accompanied by a reflective cube pattern option that comes in shades of black and white. By the sound of LG's press release, wireless charging and NFC capabilities should go unhindered when hardware is dressed up with a Quick Cover. South Korean online stores and brick-and-mortar shops will soon have the solid colors available for 43,000 won ($40), while the patterned variety will ring up at 39,000 won ($36). There's no word of a release in other territories just yet, so you'll have to sit tight if the accessories strike your fancy.

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