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Nokia and Burton intro a snowboarding app to prep and record epic runs (video)


We can't say that there's a huge cross-section of the market that both owns a Lumia phone and likes snowboarding enough to want an app dedicated to the sport, but Nokia will at least have that audience sewn up through an exclusive team-up with Burton. Their newly publicized Windows Phone 8-only release lets hill carvers prepare for every stage of their trip, from shopping for gear and getting the local slope forecast through to that all-important motivational music playlist. Those who can't brave the descent can still create a sequenced photo from video taken at the sidelines, or stream Burton's Open Events from the safety of home. Anyone as likely to do a frontside 180 as carry a Lumia 620 can hit the source link or video below to get a peek -- preferably before the grass peeks out from the hillside.

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