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Seagate to stop making 7200rpm 2.5" pure hard disk drives


Anandtech has received confirmation from drive manufacturer Seagate that it will cease manufacture of 7200 RPM 2.5" hard disk drives later in 2013. These speedy small drives are most often used in notebook computers, where their high capacity and relatively fast response times make them a popular choice.

However, solid-state drives (SSDs) have made significant inroads into the notebook market. Not only do SSDs provide even faster access to data, but they can be constructed in shapes that are thinner than the traditional 2.5" HDD form factor. The MacBook Air has used SSDs exclusively since it arrived on the scene in 2008 2010, and many of the newer Macs -- including desktop models -- are now coming with an SSD or hybrid (Fusion Drive) as standard equipment or an option.

Seagate will most likely focus on less-expensive hybrid drives to replace the higher-capacity, but slower notebook HDDs. Anandtech notes that within five years all drives will be most likely pure SSD anyway due to falling prices and better performance, so it's not surprising that Seagate is focusing on the future of storage.

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